Are you curious about Solar Energy but not sure where to start? Looking for Solar Panels for sale? Wondering about Solar Power Cost, having a Load Analysis done, or a System Sizing and Layout explained?   Well you have come to the right place! A Solar Site Assessment is the best place to begin.

Solar Site Assessment

A solar assessment will provide you with information about how solar energy can help you meet your energy needs. During the solar site assessment a certified solar energy site assessor will visit your site and/or review your building and site plans. The solar energy site assessor will evaluate your location, answer your questions, and summarize their findings in a written report that will include:

  • An in-depth review of your goals for having a solar electric system
  • A review of your energy demands
  • Recommendations for a solar electric system size and siting to meet your energy needs
  • Estimate of a solar electric system’s power production
  • A cost estimate for the solar system
  • An overview of the incentives for which the system is eligible
  • Preliminary economic analysis of the system
  • The next steps you need to take to make your system a reality

A site assessment is not a bid nor does it provide a system design it is completely hassle free, and takes only three simple steps:

  1. Visit the Focus on Energy site assessment page:Site Assessment
  2. Contact a Wisconsin Certified Site Assessor: Wisconsin site assessors
  3. Sumbit your reimbursement application to Focus on Energy:Reimbursement Form
  4. PV Calculater:PV Calculater