Marti Martin – Midwest Prairies, LLC

“Midwest Prairies had AgSun install a 10.2 kW system in 2009. The crew of AgSun was very professional and attentive to our questions. The system went online May 14, 2009 and we have now completed 12 months of service. The results of the project have exceeded AgSun’s original projections. Our total cost for this project was $76,142.09. We received a rebate from Focus on Energy and the federal government totaling 55% bringing our net cost to $34,617.09. I have a compiled a spreadsheet keeping track of electricity used and sold. The results of the spreadsheet shows that we are looking at a payback period of 9.67 years and a return on our investment of 10.14% per year. However, we didn’t do this for the payback or the ROI. We did it because it is the right thing to do for our environment.
We are proud to be part of saving the environment by using a free source of energy… the sun”