The Basics

Solar Energy

Solar electricity is generated through solar panels. Solar Panels are the most basic element of a solar power system. The primary functions of solar panels is to gather sunlight during certain periods of the day to power different devices and structures.

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Benefits of Solar Energy

Thousands of people and businesses are investing in solar powered devices and solar panels because of its many known benefits. You can start helping the environment and maximize the potential of this energy source by using solar panels to power your building or device instead. As a NABCEP certified installer AgSun help you make the most out of your solar investment!

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Starting Solar Panels

Are you curious about Solar Energy but not sure where to start? Looking for Solar Panels for sale? Wondering about Solar Power Cost, having a Load Analysis done, or a System Sizing and Layout explained?   Well you have come to the right place! A Solar Site Assessment is the best place to begin.

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